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Hi, thanks for stopping by the official webpage of Kristin Billerbeck.  I have to say that because it implies that there’s an unofficial webpage, and though highly unlikely, it’s  much more interesting to ponder.   left"kristin"

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What a Girl Needs

Ashley Wilkes Stockingdale Novak, patent attorney extraordinaire, has found the love of her of her life in Dr.Kevin Novak. The problem is, she’s lost everything else-her job, her friends and maybe just a little of her excitable, headstrong spirit. When her hubby sends her on a "vacation for one" back home to Silicon Valley, Ashley wonders if there's anything to return to in Philadelphia when the trip is over. It's never a good sign when your husband books a trip for one on your second anniversary, is it?

Back home with her people "The Reasons" in California, Ashley must find what's missing from her life as a proper doctor's wife. Running into her ex-boyfriend Seth Greenwood has her question Kevin's commitment. And when her former adversary offers her a job and the dizzying life she had prior to marriage, Ashley needs to figure out exactly What a Girl Needs...



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