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I grew up with a strong sense of justice.  I simply knew the way things should be.  And since I’m not smart enough to be a district attorney, I am a novelist.  My childhood was slightly confusing.  I blame my parents for this.  Oh heck, I’m going to blame them for everything.  I think I would have turned out normal if it weren’t for them.


Okay, probably not.  I am a fourth-generation Californian, and an American mutt, but identify most strongly with my Italian heritage.  My mother’s family, of strong Norwegian/German descent, tried to teach me how to do things right.  How to cook, clean, sew, budget accordingly – all the things a proper young girl should know to be a contributing member of society.  I, however, failed miserably.  I danced, figure skated & cheered through life, thoroughly confusing my practical family. For my 40th birthday, my grandmother gave me a cookie gun, hoping there was something within me -- it's still in the box.  


My dad’s Italian family taught me about the good life.  The indulgent life.  How to eat, shop and be merry.  My Nana had very tiny feet and a penchant for shoes (she worked at the Emporium, no doubt to fund her shoe addiction).  My afternoons at her house had no lessons, other than how to walk in her high heels, drape myself in her mink stole and drip myself with rhinestones.  Tastefully, of course.  I picked up on this lifestyle much quicker.

I graduated San Jose State University with a degree in Journalism & Mass Communications (emphasis in Advertising), gave my life to Jesus during college after following my best friend to a "weird" church.  I am still Italian, fluffy & an aficionado of fine shoes, espresso & handbags. 


I have four amazing kids: Jonah is a former United States Marine & computer science student. Trey is an engineer. Seth is a high school physics teacher & my only girl, is a mini-me who dances through life and may or may not, have a spending problem. She harnesses it by running her own successful western boutique on Instagram @Buckarooo_Boutique and TikTok.


Kristin Billerbeck

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