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Series - Book 4

What A Girl Needs





Ashley Wilkes Stockingdale Novak, patent attorney extraordinaire, has found the love of her of her life inDr. Kevin Novak. The problem is, she’s lost everything else—her job, her friends and maybe just a little of her excitable, headstrong spirit.


When her hubby sends her on a “vacation for one” back home to Silicon Valley, Ashley wonders if there’s anything to return to in Philadelphia when the trip is over.


It’s never a good sign when your husband books a trip for one on your second anniversary, is it?Back home with her people “The Reasons” in California, Ashley must find what’s missing from her life as a proper doctor’s wife.


Running into her ex-boyfriend Seth Greenwood has her question Kevin’s commitment. And when her former adversary offers her a job and the dizzying life she had prior to marriage, Ashley needs to figure out exactly What a Girl Needs...


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